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Tech Talk Winter 2023 - Sustainability in tech design

Product development for Gadgets and Tech takes many inspirations – currently hot ‘driving influencers’ for 2024 product development include different sustainable materials, changes to hardware (like Apple moving to USB-C for all their products) , a move to permanent hybrid working practices and even changes to software that run our gadgets. Manufacturers constantly look for different ways to attract new and existing customers / consumers for their products and that is not only accessory market but also the prime products from manufacturers such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung etc.

For our Promotional marketplace we are always looking for both new and different product ideas and simple and effective ways to make corporate branding stand out while satisfying the increasing demand for products that are developed with the environment in mind.

Different and new product materials are currently driving products / ideas / ranges in our market for tech and gadgets. During 2024 we will see increased choices of items made from certified / traceable recycled plastics, RPET, aluminium, stainless steel, ocean bound plastics as well as natural materials such as cork, wood and bamboo when supplied with FSC ( / GRS ( Global Recycled Standard) managed supply chains. These materials will change the way we look at everyday Tech items such as charging cables, hubs, power banks, speakers, headphones, earbuds and other devices. Such changes in materials will of course change the popularity in branding techniques for example the likely increase in recycled metals will drive back the demand for subtle laser engraving often with personalisation of names / logos and images.

This autumn has seen some major changes to hardware with Apple finally switching its iPhone 15 over to being charged via a USB-C port. This hardware change will dramatically change product development for our sector especially with charging cables, power banks and plugs in 2024 and beyond. The gradual move to all devices only using USB-C will make charging quicker, data transfer faster and phone / gadget accessories will reflect this as micro USB disappears quickly and Apple’s lightning over a longer timeframe. This is a positive move globally and will reduce the amount of waste going to landfill of electronic cables / components over time which is of course a good thing.

Look out next year for product designs that are more simple, stream line, fast, powerful and made from reclaimed / recycled materials as mentioned above.

Apple lead the way with their smart phones / devices and their new operating software (iOs17) is likely to open up new product demand for wireless charging stands / platforms enabling you to enjoy your device and be more visible in the new “Standby mode” as you charge, let’s explore this…

With the release of iOS 17, Apple has introduced a new feature called Standby mode. Standby mode is a new way to use wireless charging that allows you to keep your iPhone powered up and accessible while it is charging. To use Standby mode, simply place your iPhone on a wireless charger in landscape. Once your iPhone is in Standby mode, you will see a clock, a weather widget or a digital photo album which you can tailor to your choice making this time of the day an entertainment / info platform rather than a blank screen.

You can also swipe to see other widgets, such as your calendar, reminders, and a to-do list. Standby mode is a great way to use wireless charging while you are at your desk, beside your bed, or working hybrid anywhere / kitchen table. It allows you to keep your iPhone powered up and accessible, so you can check the time, the weather, or your notifications without having to wake up your device. Standby mode is also relevant for wireless charging because it helps to conserve battery life. When your iPhone is in Standby mode, it uses less power than when it is fully awake. This means that you can charge your iPhone for longer periods of time without having to worry about running out of battery. Standby mode is a great new feature that makes wireless charging even more convenient and efficient.

So looking into 2024 in summary look out for new materials, new items that support hardware changes and new products that support software changes – it’s an exciting time for promotional technology ahead. For help or advice about how promo tech can be used in your next campaign, get in touch with the team @ DTI - contact 0844 875 7624 or

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