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New ICE range launched in Tech Tuesday vlog.

A brand new, colourful range of cables and power banks has now been launched called the ICE range. So-called because each colour is inspired by an ice cream flavour no-less; Ginger (white), Blue Berry (blue ), Pomegranate (red), Peach & Mango (orange) and of course, Black sesame (black).

Our customers are always looking for new and fresh ideas and the ICE range lives up to that expiration. The 1m long cables, are fitted as you would expect with USB and USB-C fast inputs and outputs and have double sided body for 2 position branding. The 5000 mAh powerbanks match the same colours and also have 2 great branding areas. The powerbank also features a handy torch function which helps to find the powerbank easily when stowed in the bottom of a bag. Watch the Tech Tuesday Vlog here:

Each product comes in individual packaging options with full descriptions featured on each carton, and of course made from FSC card. Custom packing options are available on request subject to charges and MOQ. Find out more on the individual product pages or get in touch with the team @ DTI - contact 0844 875 7624 or

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