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Tech Talk - Summer 2023 Who’s all going on a Summer “Hybrid Holiday “?

With full-time office work a distant memory for many businesses around the world, the opportunities to combine work with travel have never been so widespread. As a result, we’re seeing more and more hybrid and nomadic workers jump on an emerging trend that’s being referred to as the ‘hybrid holiday.’

In a nutshell, this involves individuals adding a number of remote working days onto their holiday to maximise their time away. In fact, a recent survey from Virgin Media has revealed that almost a third (27%) of hybrid UK workers are planning to work remotely from Europe this year with just over three-quarters (76%) of those individuals considering a ‘hybrid holiday.’

Like many elements of flexible and remote working, hybrid holidays have their pros and cons. While the blurred lines between work and leisure allow for much more flexibility and, in theory, a better work-life balance, they can also make it increasingly hard to set healthy boundaries and fully unwind – which is vital for keeping engaged, productive and most importantly, happy / healthy. So let’s explore this trend and see how our industry can help to equip and promote brand reinforcement in that essential Tech on the “hybrid holiday”

The essential to any remote working involves staying connected and making sure your communication devices are charged, protected and connected to the world. This provides marketers’ with numerous products for branding such as backpacks some with built in solar panels for “anywhere” charging , Apple AirTags to make sure you don’t lose your valuable IT equipment, even built in speakers for taking the beat with you and of course “anti - theft” features like hidden zips.

Staying charged is critical and the growth of Fast (PD) large capacity power banks up to and over 20,0000 mAh plus means you can charge your “laptop and everything else” your family has taken away with them to stay entertained. Coupled with these “super” power banks are ultra-fast charging cables (using USB-C) which mean a complete recharge of a dead phone battery in less than 30 mins! Tech on the move would also of course not be complete without wireless and Bluetooth mouse, portable laptop stands and even micro foldable “second” LED screens that simply connect to your laptop / tablet giving more visible space.

Perhaps one of the key items though is a pair of good quality wireless headphones or earbuds with Active or Environmental noise cancelling built in which helps to enhance those calls despite loud and noisy environments such as the beach or poolside!

There are a wide array of these items now available from low cost to super high end all of which can be branded making sure your clients’ brand stays in view - many also with sustainable qualities which is now regarded a “must” by many companies.

Hydration and staying mentally sharp with many other distractions on a “hybrid holiday” such as the sun, heat and evening entertaining makes it of course critical to drink enough water and “tech” has entered this area too with some “smart” connected water bottles that “remind” you to drink and even glow different cols to warn you when you might be getting dehydrated.

Sustainability is of course paramount in our sector and as we are looking at “hybrid holidays” the growing trend for recycled materials in our gadgets / tech such as Ocean Bound recycled plastic that helps to stop the endless plastic waste into the ocean will become more popular over the coming months / years. Leaders in this area are also contributing to global charities such as Plastic Bank who with every purchase not only prevent waste entering the ocean but also support local communities that carry out this important work. One such example is the “Ocean Bottle” range which is an excellent example of a social cause with commercial venture. Many suppliers are recognising this with others adapting best-selling items like charge cables, power banks and wireless chargers to use this resource of Ocean Bound Plastic (e.g. Ocean Octopus)

So the world has changed forever following the pandemic with working practices unlikely to ever be the same – it’s so important therefore for our industry to be aware of this and look for opportunities to remind, show and explain how Tech items can match the demand for this new way of working ….

For help or advice about how promo tech can be used in your next campaign, get in touch with the team @ DTI - contact 0844 875 7624 or

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