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New Brochure - Cables Autumn 2023

We like to ensure our sale channel partners have all they they need to help promote our ranges of promotional technology product to their customers. PDF's and flip books are just one of the ways that we equip our partners with assets to showcase whats available. Our new Cables brochure is now live and can be seen here:

We can supply your own unique link to share with customer and can even include your own contact details and branding - just ask the team! Cables are one of our areas of expertise and we sell more cables than any other category each year. In our opinion theyre the new 'essential' item. ... think about it. Everyone owns a device of some sort that needs charging regularly: a phone, a tablet, a laptop, camera, gaming consoles, headphones .... this list is endless. And if like us, I often need to top up charge at home, at the office and even when travelling. That's where or promotional cables come in handy. Gifting a useful, high quality cable ( one that's compatible with all the major gadget manufacturers ) is something that pretty much anyone will appreciate - after all you can never have too many charging cables. Our range includes something for every taste and budget too: eco cables, fast charging cables, long cables, compact cables, cables made from wheat, executive cables... we have something for anyone and campaign. To find our more view our full range here or get in touch with the team @ DTI - contact 0844 875 7624 or

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